Case study example two

Developing a Start-up Business


Maria started her homecare business in Luton in 2011 and currently employs over 25 home care givers. Her sales have grown steadily and business is thriving. To start with Maria managed all the bookkeeping and finance herself, using spreadsheets and files, because she wanted to know exactly what was going on with her finances. However, business grew and grew, so that by mid 2012 Maria was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the volume of financial paperwork she was processing and she was increasingly concerned that she wasn’t seeing the financial bigger picture. She had a traditional accountant who was not involved with the business and Maria was concerned about filing deadlines with HMRC and Companies House which her accountant was not managing for her.


We agreed that Maria needed to keep her financial records on site but with more control and expertise than she currently had available. She wanted to understand how the business was performing and to know exactly who needed paying and who needed chasing. She also wanted some further financing to grow the business and her bank wanted to see management accounts.


Maria purchased her own bookkeeping software and used Enterprise to get her bookkeeping up to date and all HMRC and Companies House filing done. Following this she has used an Enterprise bookkeeper on site for a few days each month to support her own staff in learning how to keep the financial records for the business. She has also used quarterly management accounts to monitor the success of her business, to manage cash flow and to further discussions with her bank. Maria now has more time and confidence to continue to grow her business.